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Max and I have just updated Scripteka to version 1.1

In case you haven’t been following things around here, Scripteka is the prototype extensions library – a convenient place to find, rate and submit prototype.js based goodness.

The library still looks and feels the same, since our main goal was to improve overall usability and functionality.

Some of the new features include:

  • User Dashboard, where one can see all their scripts, and edit them.
  • Image upload for scripts. Finally, you can replace that default “empty page” image with your own.
  • Improved RSS feed with more useful information, and better formatting.
  • Improved communication and response to various actions. This includes:
    • Automated, token-based “claim script” feature. No more claiming script and not knowing what to do next.
    • More robust and informative feedback on script approval/rejection.
  • Small usability improvements.
  • Many bug fixes, polishing.

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