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So you want more documentation?

Have you ever heard of prototype? I’m sure you have, since you’re reading this blog. Many things make this library a weapon of choice for developers all over the world. The way work is done with prototype is simply mind blowing – concise and expressive code, full range of tools for the job just seem to make a dream come true. One day, though, you run into problems – things just don’t work the way they’re supposed to. You open your browser, point it to google and… dark side of prototype reveals itself in its full glory…

No, I’m not trying to sound dramatic, but the fact is that prototype is notoriously famous for the lack of down-to-earth documentation. For javascript ninjas, quick glance over source code should clear all the confusion. For the rest of us, there’s a wonderful place called API reference. This should be your first bookmark on the way to perfection. The sad part is that not everyone understands API reference. People demand easy to follow tutorials, out-of-the-box solutions and lower taxes.

For all of you – lazy bastards – out there, here’s a list of must know resources:

Official documentation

Prototype API reference wiki

News groups:

Google groups, RoR Spinoffs – Number 1 place to look for answers, ask questions, get help quickly. Some really smart folks help hundreds of people with most twisted problems (yes, you’re right, 90% are IE related)

Google groups, Prototype: Core – Once you know prototype’s source code by heart, feel free to join this group to discuss the inner essence of prototype’s magic. Other than that – great place to search for issues that might have already been solved before.

Core developers’ blogs

Tobie Langel
Andrew Dupont
Thomas Fuchs
Justin Palmer
Dan Webb

Not core developers’ blogs (but still very educating)

Matt Foster
Ryan Gahl
Samuel Lebeau

Other resources

prototype @ Ajaxian

Offline documentation

Prototype API Docs

That’s about it.

Did I forget something? Feel free to add more links in comments.

Good luck and happy prototyping…

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